September 9, 2011 OPA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Ohio Psychological Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2011

In attendance:

VOTING MEMBERS: John R. Rudisill, Ph.D., Cathy Gaw, Psy.D., Jim Broyles, Ph.D Cathy McDaniels Wilson, Ph.D, Kenneth R. Drude, Ph.D., Wanda McEntyre, Ph.D., Robin Arthur, Ph.D., Priscilla Kingston, Ph.D., Peg Richards Mosher, Ph.D., Sharla Wells-DiGregorio, Ph.D., Lynne Rustad, Ph.D., Mike Dwyer, Ph.D., Colin Christensen, Ph.D.,  Dennis Kogut, Ph.D., Rosemary Shaw, Psy.D.

NON-VOTING MEMBERS Bradley K. Potts, Ph.D., Helen Rodebaugh, Ph.D. David Hayes, Ph.D., ABPP

GUESTS:  Kathy Ashton, Ph.D., Marka Kompa, MA

STAFF    Michael O. Ranney, M.P.A., Bobbie Celeste, Ph.D., Heather Gilbert, BA, Denise Brenner, MBA, Elizabeth Wherley, BA.

There was a quorum.

Call to Order-John R. Rudisill, Ph.D.

Motion to approve New Members listed in the Membership Report.  Motion was approved.

Dr. Rudisill reported that Nathan Tomcik, Ph.D. has agreed to serve as Chair of the Committee on Social Responsibilities and Kathleen Ashton, Ph.D. has agreed to be the representative of the Cleveland Psychological Association.  The position of representative of the Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychology is currently vacant while they seek a candidate.

Motion to suspend the rules and appoint Dr. Nathan Tomcik, Chair of the Committee on Social Responsibilities and .Dr. Kathleen Ashton as representative of the Cleveland Psychological Association was approved.

Motion to elect Dr. Tomcik and Dr. Ashton to the Board of Directors was approved.

The Board discussed a resolution developed by the Safe Schools Coalition (of which OPA is an active member) and which was recommended for Board approval.  OPA included the safe schools legislation as one of the items it discussed at its Legislative Day and with legislators.  There was agreement that the resolution was extremely well written.  Among the issues discussed was the extent to which the Board should consider the financial impact on school districts that might result from this legislation in deciding whether or not to endorse it.  Others discussed the impact of bullying on students and the trend of assigning significant liability to school districts that do not have effective anti-bullying programs.  Others suggested that the incremental cost of adding the requirements of this legislation to already existing training and policy would be minimal and would create a safer, more positive school environment.

Motion to suspend the rules and approve the resolution was approved.

Motion to approve the Safe Schools Resolution was approved.

The meeting was adjourned.


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