OPA Practice Toolkit

Want to learn how to set-up a practice? Or want to change your practice area? Need to learn the ins and outs of the business of practice?

Look no further than the OPA Practice Toolkit!

The 60+ page OPA Practice Toolkit was developed by the OPA Professional Practice Committee to help newly licensed psychologists interested in developing a private practice, or help psychologists interested in changing their scope of practice set up a practice with practical tools and guidelines. To get started, purchasers of the OPA Practice Toolkit will be encouraged to think about areas of clinical strength and weakness by answering questions in the Self-Assessment section.

Other sections include:

  • descriptions of varying types of psychological practices
  • insurance credentialing, including what panels to start with to begin making money
  • the business of practice
  • templates and forms that can be personalized for individual use
  • the differences between forensic and clinical practice and how not to inadvertently stray into forensic areas if that is not your expertise.

See the Table of Contents for the OPA Practice Toolkit.

The OPA Practice Toolkit is not meant to be the last word for private practice, but it is a practical and useful document to help you organize your thinking about your practice with many references for more specific information. It’s loaded onto a USB Flash Drive and contains the 60+ page PDF version, along with Word documents of the templates so they can be easily modified to fit your practice.

OPA Practice Toolkit Pricing Structure for OPA Members:

  • $29.95 Graduate student Members
  • $39.95 Newly licensed psychologist (0-7 years) Members
  • $49.95 All other OPA members

OPA Practice Toolkit Pricing Structure for Non-OPA Members:

  • $79.95 Graduate student non-members
  • $89.95 Newly licensed psychologists (0-7 years) non-members
  • $99.95 All other non-members

Purchase your OPA Practice Toolkit today!


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