February 18, 2012 OPA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Ohio Psychological Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 18, 2012

In attendance:

VOTING MEMBERS: John R. Rudisill, Ph.D.; Cathy Gaw, Psy.D.; Jim Broyles, Ph.D.;  Kevin Arnold, Ph.D., ABPP;  ;  Kenneth R. Drude, Ph.D.; Wanda McEntyre, Ph.D.;  Robin Arthur,  Psy.D.; Bob Stinson, Psy.D., JD, ABPP;  Priscilla Kingston, Ph.D.; Peg Richards Mosher, Ph.D.;  Sharla Wells-DiGregorio, Ph.D.; Nathan Tomcik, Ph.D.;  Lynne Rustad, Ph.D.;  Mike Dwyer, Ph.D.; Nicole Bosse, MA; Colin Christensen, Ph.D.; Sarah Greenwell, Psy.D.; Kathleen Ashton, Ph.D.;  Rose Mary Shaw, Psy.D.;

NON-VOTING MEMBERS  Bradley Potts, Ph.D.;  Robin Graff-Reed, Ph.D.; Lynn  Rapin, Ph.D.; Christine Agaibi, M.A.; Joshua Shuman, Psy.D.

STAFF    Michael O. Ranney, M.P.A.; Bobbie Celeste, Ph.D.; Heather Gilbert, BA.; Denise Brenner, MBA

There was a quorum.

Call to Order-John R. Rudisill, Ph.D.  The meeting was held as a web meeting.

Motion to approve the consent agenda   Motion was approved.

Financial Report-Dr. Arnold

  1. Dr. Arnold reviewed OPA’s Financial Reports for the period ending 1/31/12
  2. The Balance Sheet shows the impact of moving funds from investments to the money market account to the checking account in accordance with OPA’s investment policy.  Funds were moved over a three month period in order to limit any possible negative impact on the value of OPA’s investments.  Liabilities are lower in this report.  Investments have grown in value
  3. The Profit and Loss Statement shows the final results of the OPA Convention, following payment of some appropriate costs by the Foundation.  An analysis of convention expenses indicates that meals are significant variable requiring greater controls to assure that we aren’t billed for more meals than the number of people registered on any given day.  AV equipment controls can also eliminate significant cost factors. Dues income continues to come in and we are very near our year to date projection.  Expenses are tracking well, considering unbudgeted expenses for our lobbyist, most of which is covered by our grant from CAPP.
  4. Dr. Arnold discussed the audit and 990 Report (second reading).  Motion to accept the audit and the 990 was approved.

President’s Report-Dr. Rudisill

  1. Dr. Rudisill reviewed items discussed by the Executive Committee:
  2. The Leadership Forum is scheduled for May19, 2012.  The Leadership Forum will include Karen Bell, who will speak on Leadership and Board Development, and Jeff Cook, who will discuss Federal Advocacy and present a case study on advocacy relating to his work in New York State on marriage equality legislation. Past Presidents will be invited to attend.
  3. The Executive Committee has developed a template for Board reports.  This is to reflect all activities and meetings during the period since the last report/last board meeting.  Active participants should be listed on the report.  Regional representatives should use the same report format and reflect regional goals.  This form will help keep the focus on key areas.
  4. Work on the review and updating of our Operational Policies has progressed. The Executive Committee will be looking over the revised policies and will have them ready to present to the Board as a first reading in April; second reading and approval would be in June, 2012.

Executive Director’s Report- Mr. Ranney

  1. The bill to update the Psychology Law will be introduced soon by Rep. Bob Hackett.
  2. A webinar on understanding OPA Finances will be held on March 2 at 8am.

Attracting and engaging ECP’s-Dr. Shuman

  1. Dr. Shuman reported that he has recruited 13 ECPs to be part of the ECP Committee.
  2. The ECP Committee will meet on March 31st at the OPA Office.  Current and past OPA leaders will be invited.
  3. The agenda for the meeting is to identify 5 things that OPA does well and 5 things that OPA can improve upon in relationship to its efforts to recruit and engage ECPs.
  4. The Task Force that is charged with revising the OPA Code of Regulations with an eye toward creating a voting seat for the Chair of the ECP Committee has just begun its work.
  5. Dr. Wells-DiGregorio discussed the Professional Practice Committee’s efforts to develop a peer consultation network and the need for ideas on how to market this to ECP’s.
  6. In discussing this several things were suggested:
    1. Improve the information for ECPs that is on the OPA website
    2. Reduce the number of clicks it takes to access ECP information
    3. Have at least one ECP on every OPA Committee and working with OPAGS


  1. The Strategic Plan, including the Mission/vision statement and the Measurement Matrix, were introduced for the second reading.  The motion to approve the plan was approved.
  2. Dr. Gaw presented an update on the efforts to provide health insurance for OPA members.  Three companies have been asked to bid on coverage for our group.  Initial feedback is that the group is too small with too many people with health needs to get coverage.  We are waiting for final word from all three insurers and planning next steps to market the program, get a higher level of participation from OPA members and re-bid the coverage.
  3. Dr. Stinson presented the request from the Ethics Committee to approve making the Colleague Assistance Task Force a Subcommittee of the Ethics Committee.  This is the second reading of this item.  The motion was approved.  Dr. Stinson reported that the Ethics Committee is looking at a format used by Pennsylvania for an online blog about ethical issues.


  1. Mr. Ranney presented an update on the status of the Psychology Law Bill.  Other news from the Psychology Board includes the need for ideas of consumer/advocates for the Board and the likelihood that the Board will implement an online license renewal process this year.
  2. Mr. Ranney discussed the Federal Advocacy news from APA that the 5% Medicare cut was not prevented this time around.  OPA and many OPA members have expressed concern that there was no warning and no push for increased advocacy to prevent this.
  3. Dr. Wells-DiGregorio reported on the Central Ohio Peer Consultation Network meeting. It was a great success.  The next meeting like this will be held in NE Ohio.
  4. Dr. Potts reported on the Advocacy Committee’s work on HB116 (Safe Schools), HB208 (Enumeration Bill), ODRC Demonstration Project Bill, Psychology Law Bill, Concussion Bill.  Dr. Nate Tomcik testified in support of a PTSD Resolution introduced by Senator Dave Burke in the Ohio Senate. Legislative Day is scheduled for May 23 at the State House Atrium and the team that is working on those plans (Chaired by Christine Charyton) is doing a great job.

Reports and Updates

  1. Oral History: Dr. Gaw reported that OPA will be moving its archives to the Wright State Library and that they will host our online oral history interviews.
  2. OWP: Ms. Agaibi reported that OWP is planning a retreat.
  3. Akron Area Professional Psychologists: Dr. Christensen reported that Dr. Ron Ross will be doing an Ethics workshop.
  4. Publications: Ms. Gilbert reported that a number of committees are working on regular articles for OPA Publications.
  5. Cleveland Psychological Association: Dr. Ashton reported on CPA’s food drive and challenged other Regional Associations to host food drives.  A conference is planned for April 28th
  6. Communication/Technology: Dr. Drude reported that their current emphasis is on telepsychology training.
  7. Science Committee: Dr. Dwyer expressed frustration about getting academic psychologists involved with the Science Committee.  The Committee has reached out to teachers of psychology in secondary schools to get feedback on high school psychology guidelines developed by APA.
  8. Committee on Social Responsibility:  Dr. Tomcik reported on Eating Disorder Awareness Week, including the screening of the movie “Someday Melissa” at Columbus State on February 28th.  Mental Health Awareness Day activities will focus on stories of recovery and resiliency (speakers needed). Volunteers (12) are also needed for the Health Fair that will be done in conjunction with Legislative Day.
  9. OPAGS: Ms. Bosse reported that they are working to secure a site for their Spring Workshop on May 5th.
  10. Membership Committee: Dr. Mosher provided an update on the Board Recruitment Challenge.  We are already doing better than last year!
  11. Education Committee: Dr. Arthur reported that we need webinars.
  12. Dayton Area Psychological Association: Dr. Shaw reported that are also doing a food drive.  Dr. Drude will be doing a Telepsychology Workshop on March 9th.
  13. Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychologists: Dr. Greenwell reported that they will have a workshop featuring Dr. Marla Maheau on April 27th.
  14. Professional Practice Committee: Dr. Wells-DiGregorio reported that the committee is discussing health care integration and formats for presenting information to OPA members.
  15. Diversity Committee: Dr. McEntyre reported that a blast email has gone to some Ohio psychologists about the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Breakfast that will be held in conjunction with Legislative Day.  The Committee has begun planning the 2013 Multicultural Conference.

Discussion of Microaggressions and other issues relating to staff

Dr. Lynn Rapin presented the background for this discussion. Issues include:

  • Not responding to or at a minimum even acknowledging staff requests
  • Not responding to some staff and immediately responding to others (based on gender? hierarchy?)
  • Not meeting deadlines
  • Causing extra work for staff
  • A video was distributed to provide additional background


  • Acknowledge staff requests indicating when/if you can respond to request
  • Value staff time
  • As discussed at the Board Retreat, the Executive Committee should monitor and intervene when there are problems and that it is the EC’s responsibility to hold Board members accountable for meeting basic performance expectations.
  • Clarify Board member roles, particularly any special expectations based on the committee and its role to create greater accountability.
  • Board members expressed a desire for staff to confront them directly when it appears they are being unresponsive but the consensus was that this is a lot to ask for staff
  • Acknowledge staff contributions to OPA and respect them for their professionalism and commitment.

 The meeting was adjourned.  Next Meeting:  April 21, 2012.


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