Director of Professional Affairs Most Frequently Asked Questions

“How Long Must I Keep Client Records?” Keep the entire record for five years after the last date of service and keep a general record or summary for another seven years. After 12 years since the last date of service you can legally shred the records.

“Is the same true for children’s records?” Yes, legally you must keep children’s records for the same length of time as adults.’ However, if you want to provide records in case a former child client wants to use your records to bring suit against an abuser, you may choose to keep the records longer. A child has until they reach 24 years old to sue for non-sexual abuse and until age 38 to sue for sexual abuse. Find more Professional Issues and Resources by logging into my opa. As an OPA member you have access to more resources than non-members. Sign into the my opa by putting in your license number and PIN. Don’t know your pin? Click the “Forgot PIN” link and it will be sent to you. Topics include: how much to charge for copying client records, what to do when you get a subpoena, insurance complaint forms, a practice will and links to many other Ohio and APA resources.
Contact OPA Director of Professional Affairs Bobbie L. Celeste, PhD by email or 800-783-1983 (Tuesday-Thursday)


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