President’s Message: August

This is my last article as President of OPA. First, I want to thank you, the members of OPA, for entrusting me with this leadership role and sustaining what arguably may be the premier state psychological association in the country. Thank you all for the service you perform for our many constituencies: clients, patients, students, prisoners, veterans, businesses and communities! Ultimately, your hard work will define psychology and its place and value in our society. I want to thank the other members of the OPA Board for a productive and rewarding year (see the upcoming annual report). It is amazing how many people selflessly and work for the advancement of Ohio psychology. I see a lot of intrinsic motivation! I want to thank the Executive Committee for all their hard work this year. I’d like to toast Kevin Arnold for stepping up and taking over the finance committee. Kevin is a really bright guy who comes up with some very helpful perspectives on a whole range of problems. I’d like to toast Jim Broyles for his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to making OPA a more inclusive, responsive organization. Jim will be a wonderful President; he has just the right combination of integrity and showmanship to do the job well. I’d like to toast Cathy McDaniels Wilson for so ably representing OPA at the national levels. Cathy is a wonderful networker and has brought excellent outside talent to bear on OPA. I look forward to watching her ascend even more at the national level. I’d like to toast Cathy Gaw for her mentoring and gentle guidance of me. When I haven’t taken her advice it was always a mistake. Cathy is one of many people at OPA who really gets things done and doesn’t need the credit for doing it. Lastly, I’d like to thank the staff for their wonderful support throughout the year. Everyone has performed their job well and more! I want to especially thank Michael Ranney who gives more than anyone will know for OPA and its members. Michael is tireless and has accomplished so much this year. He is the sun around which all the other planets revolve.

I would encourage you as an OPA member to continue to support our association. It is constantly engaged in a struggle to give our profession the recognition it deserves. It is also constantly involved in trying to make you better at what you do so that we can make the kind of societal contribution our state needs. These are hard times economically and it is easy to slip out the back door and not do your part. I hope you will continue to resist that urge and stay engaged. United we stand and divided we fall!

Thanks again for allowing me the experience to serve you this year!

John R. Rudisill, PhD, ABPP
OPA President


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