Recruitment Rewards Update

The current OPA Recruitment Rewards campaign is in the home stretch, but there is still time for one lucky member to earn a free membership (valued at up to $300) for 2012-13! Thanks to those of you who have recruited new OPA members thus far in 2011-12:

2 Full Members and 1 Affiliate Member Recruited
Sharla M. Wells-DiGregorio, PhD

2 Full Members Recruited
Cara Marker Daily, PhD

1 Full Member Recruited
Deanna L. Barthlow-Potkanowicz, PhD
Pamela G. Deuser, PhD
Janet R.M. Hansen, PhD
Julie A. Harmon, PhD
James E. Kaplar, PhD
Mark R. Schroder, PsyD
Sallyann Treadaway, PhD

2 Affiliate Members Recruited
Victor J. McCarley, PsyD

1 Affiliate Member Recruited
Alissa M. Banyasz, BA
Nicole R. Bosse, MA
Colin H. Christensen, PhD
Charles D. Dolph, PhD
Michelle L. Drerup, PsyD
Catherine M. Linn, BA
John M. Marazita, PhD
Allen D. McConnell, MS
Wanda L. McEntyre, PhD, ABPP
Ashley M. Murray, BA
Eugenio A. Peluso, PhD
Bradley K. Potts, PhD
Sasha L. Ribic, PsyD
Susan J. Steinberg, PhD
Gerald J. Strauss, PhD
Amy Burleson Sullivan, PsyD

The one member who recruits the most new full* members to the association by August 31, 2012 will earn a free membership for 2012-13. More information about the Recruitment Rewards program can be found here.

Contact Denise Brenner if you have any questions, and thanks for being an advocate for YOUR professional association!

*6 affiliate/student members can be counted as one full member


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