Broad View: September

Well, Orlando was hot and humid outside and nice and cool inside. My meetings with the executive directors from the other states, provinces and territories were excellent. We shamelessly steal good ideas from each other. Dinner with a few OPA members was really fun. There was much of value in the advocacy and ethics programs I attended. We had some helpful conversations with APA’s Legal and Regulatory Affairs staff about insurance issues OPA members are facing. I have to confess one of my favorite things was the Peabody Hotel ducks. I’ve got pictures of several OPA members pushing others out of the way to get a closer view of the ducks parading in to their fountain.

There’s no place like home!

The OPA office is very busy these days. Denise Brenner is focused on membership renewals and preparing to close the books on our 11-12 fiscal year. Heather Gilbert is juggling convention planning, psychologically healthy workplace award nominations processing and the nominations for OPA awards to be presented at convention. Beth Wherley is buried in the MCE office with all of those last minute faxes of courses people have taken to finish the MCE requirement and with registrations for the next biennium (9/1/12-8/31/14). We are all getting pressed into service to assist Beth. If you just got your transcript and certificate of completion of your MCE, chances are Bobbie Celeste or I stuffed the envelope and ran it through our postage machine. Bobbie Celeste and I are working on several pieces of legislation that we hope will be ready to move when the legislature returns from its break after the election. Bobbie and I are also dealing with Humana and Medicare issues.

The Ohio Board of Psychology implemented its new online license renewal process this year. Since some confuse our two organizations, we are getting calls from people having trouble with their license renewal. Just FYI…the Board of Psychology is at 877-779-7446 if you are having trouble with your online renewal.

One thing we have noticed is that many people are completing the Psychology Board’s license application but not continuing on to register for OPA-MCE. Be sure to go to the MCE section of our website if you have not registered for MCE yet.

We are also preparing for some internal changes. A new staff member starts today. Joan Bowman will be the Director of Membership and Education. She will be starting just in time to experience a Board Retreat (September 7-8) and soon thereafter our annual Convention (October 24-26). Joan’s email will be

Heather Gilbert and Denise Brenner will be guiding Ms. Bowman through a transition as she takes on some of their current responsibilities. Heather Gilbert will in turn be more focused on communication, social media and marketing psychology. Denise Brenner will focus more on operations, technology and financial management. Beth Wherley will continue to be the Director of MCE.

We are excited about these changes and more strategic focus on important areas impacting psychologists through the life span of their career. Our goal is to continue to improve service to our members, provide value through advocacy, marketing, communication, education and support. Joan’s focus includes building online CE programs for Ohio psychologists and developing opportunities for those who want advanced level programming.

These are exciting times for OPA!


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