Broad View: November

Currently, 54 APA Divisions have 98 members on APA Council (60 percent). Sixteen divisions, some with fewer members than OPA, have more than one seat. APA’s Division 42 has six seats.

The 60 State, Territorial and Provincial associations (SPTAs) have 64 members (40 percent). California, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania have two seats.

Do the math: SPTAs are 53 percent of the organizations that make up council. They have only 40 percent of the representatives and votes.

At least for the time being every division and every SPTA has one seat on council. That is not guaranteed. Every vote counts and every vote matters.

Every APA member is given 10 votes. Way too many people don’t vote. Those who do vote can allocate their 10 votes between states and divisions. Last year 127 voters gave Ohio all of their votes and we received a total of 1,879 votes. So, 68 percent of the votes for Ohio came from people who gave us all 10 votes. Not bad. Of course Guam had 93 percent, North Dakota had 96 percent, and Vermont had 81 percent. We can do better.

And if the total of votes for SPTAs increases, then one or more SPTAs will get an additional seat. The perspective, priorities, and issues faced out in the field will have greater representation. I wish I could say that Ohio would get another seat, but that would take a miracle. But a gain in SPTA votes and a stronger State Caucus does impact Ohio Psychologists. Maybe then Council can pass a policy that will guarantee that every division and SPTA will have one vote on Council. (Such a motion failed last time it was considered.)

So, the message is VOTE 10 FOR OHIO. Ohio will appear on line 97 on the ballot. It will just take a few seconds to VOTE 10 FOR OHIO.

After you personally VOTE 10 FOR OHIO, make sure that all of your colleagues do the same. Explain to colleagues who want to just throw out the ballot how important it is in setting the priorities and policies of APA. It is so easy:

Step 1-go to line #97


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