Broad View: December

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of 2012. It has been an eventful year on many fronts. OPA continues to be strong and financially sound with stable membership. OPA continues to provide quality member services that are valued. OPA’s staff continues to be among the top professionals in the association management field and we continually challenge ourselves to be better. OPA’s new Strategic Plan is driving the association in some important new directions and seeks to achieve new levels of success for the profession and our members in our current service areas. There is a great deal to look forward to in the months ahead as we move into 2013.

Before we close the books on 2012, don’t forget about two opportunities to earn tax benefits for yourself that can also make a difference for others.

First, is the Foundation for Psychology in Ohio (PSYOHIO), our 501(c)(3) charitable arm. As you think about making charitable gifts at year-end, please consider a donation to PSYOHIO. Gifts to PSYOHIO are fully tax deductible. Donating is easy on the OPA website.

PSYOHIO does many things, a full list is available here.

In brief PSYOHIO:

• Invests in the future of psychology by providing scholarships and prizes to support research, education and training including middle school, high school, college, graduate school and early career
• Supports public education efforts that disseminates information regarding psychology and behavioral health to the general public, policy makers and to mental health professionals;
• Supports educational or scientific exhibits about psychology for the benefit of the general public, such as the Health Fair held at the Ohio Statehouse annually;
• Sponsors panels, workshops, seminars and other educational activities in psychology for the benefit of psychologists, graduate students, other mental health professionals and the general public, such as our Multicultural Conference featuring Dr. Beverly Greene scheduled for April 12, 2013;
• Grants awards, stipends or other forms of recognition to teachers or researchers in psychology at secondary schools or institutions of higher education on the bases of innovative or meritorious achievement;
• The Foundation supports OPA’s Oral History Project to record Ohio psychologists discussing the evolution of the profession and the contribution of Ohioans to its advancement;
• PSYOHIO is initiating a special project this coming year to expand the number of internships available to graduate students in Ohio.

Let us know of other areas of activity you’d like to see the Foundation undertake.

In addition to annual tax deductible gifts, the Foundation for Psychology in Ohio invites members to consider a bequest to PSYOHIO as they make their estate and financial plans. Please contact me if you would like more information about this..

The second opportunity is Ohio’s tax credit for donations to statewide office holders. Many of you probably took advantage of this during the recent campaign season, but if not, you still can. Ohio allows for a $50 state tax credit for donations of up to $50 ($100 on a joint tax return) that are made directly to statewide office holders/candidates (gifts to OPA-PAC are not eligible for this tax credit). We urge you to consider making a gift to your state representative or state senator before the end of the year. Be sure they know you are a psychologist and a member of the Ohio Psychological Association. You can support advocacy for psychology and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Not sure who your state representative or state senator is? Visit this page on the OPA website, click on How to Find Your Legislators and choose one of the two options to search for your legislator. You will need your zip + four zip code to do the search (I always have to dig through my mail to find my + four zip).


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