Call for Nominations

The OPA Nominating Committee asks members to submit nominations for the OPA President-Elect. Nominations must be received no later than February 15, 2013.

The President-Elect will serve as an officer for three consecutive years, one year each as President-Elect, President and Past-President. As an officer of the Board, the President-Elect attends monthly Executive Committee meetings and quarterly Board meetings, participates in APA’s State Leadership Conference in March and typically attends APA’s convention. The President-Elect assists the President and is mentored to be the association’s top leader. The President-Elect develops plans for initiatives to be undertaken during his/her Presidency and recruits committee chairs and committee members. As President, the individual presides at Executive Committee meetings and Board meetings, and represents OPA at various regional and state functions. Working within OPA’s mission and Board policies, the President-Elect/President/Past President provides leadership to reach OPA’s goals.

OPA’s current President is Dr. Jim Broyles and Dr. Kathy Ashton is the President-Elect. Dr. John Rudisill is serving as Past-President. View the current list of Board of Directors as well as a list of Past Presidents.

When nominating, please remember these rules:
• A prospective candidate must receive 20 nominations from OPA members to have his/her name appear on the ballot.
• Each member shall nominate not more than one person for each office.
• Only full members (not affiliates members) may nominate.
Submit nominations for each office, along with your name, to Heather Gilbert.


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