Advocacy Alert: February

CPT Psychotherapy Codes Change: Psychologists were ready, but not the insurers!
By: Bobbie Celeste, PhD, Director of Professional Affairs

Thanks to APA Practice Organization, OPA’s webinar and our members diligence, psychologists in Ohio were ready to use the new CPT codes for psychotherapy when the January 1, 2013 deadline came. Unfortunately for us, the insurers were not prepared. We have had difficulties with finding out what fees we will be paid for the new codes; some insurers want to re-introduce pre-authorization for the 60 minute psychotherapy code, 90837; one insurer’s computers rejected the new CPT codes saying they were “obsolete!” Others seemed to be cutting fees with no rational and no amended contracts. OPA has talked to Department of Insurance, APA Legal and Regulatory Affairs and insurers to fight these incompetent and wrong-headed strategies by insurers. We want to hear about any ongoing problems that you are having. Visit the Department of Insurance Complaint page to learn more about filing a complaint. CPT code resources and the OPA webinar are available here.

To report problems with payment of any kind, please email me.


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