A Message from Caucus on Optimal Use of New Talent (COUNT)

Are you a division officer who has never served on an elected APA Board or Committee, but wants to be more involved in APA governance? If so, here is good news:

1. Thanks to Michael Honaker and Stacy Johnson, APA now offers a practical guide to being more involved in governance:
2. If you have 90 seconds, check the new video:
3. March 20 is the deadline to nominate yourself for one of the 105 openings for election, using the new online link.
4. Since 1999, our Caucus for the Optimal Use of New Talent (COUNT) promotes diversity in APA governance, including Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) and others new to governance.
5. For $10 per year, you can join COUNT, for valuable information on leadership positions. For an application, just contact our COUNT treasurer soon.



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