OPA: A New Plan, A New Brand

OPA is proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing growth of the association with our Strategic Plan.

This is a very exciting time at OPA and a perfect time to evaluate our brand to ensure it represents where we are going as an organization. The redesign was a long process of careful consideration and we wanted to share with you how we developed this new logo and why.

Just to name a few…

Predicted Growth With the implementation of the new Strategic Plan, we anticipate growth in our association and wanted to create a greater sense of brand unity across OPA.

New Audience As many of you have expressed, we need to reach out to early career psychologists and get them involved. We hope this new logo generates excitement and ownership with our new members.

Relevancy We want to be seen as a relevant and valuable organization in the field of psychology to both consumers and professionals. It’s always important to remember our history but we also want to embrace the future. This new logo has a more modern look that captures future directions.

Listening to you! We often receive negative feedback about the logo. We heard that it was hard to read, boring and some thought it was just plain ugly! We want something that our members are proud of and feel loyal toward. We worked with our designer and shared all of the important brand attributes of OPA that should be considered when designing the logo, things that we hear from our members and the public each day.

These included:
• Education
• “Go to” for resources and expertise
• Credibility
• Advocacy
• The voice of the profession
• Valuable services
• Future goal setting
• Integration and diversity
• Reaching out to the next generation
• “The exclusive membership” to be associated
• Career and personal growth
• Professionalism

As you know, OPA is recognized as one of preeminent state psychological associations. Our hope is that this new logo will continue to help OPA stand out as a leader. Changing a logo is a process that involves many steps, so in the upcoming months you will see updates in our materials with the new logo. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Gilbert, Director of Communications and Marketing.


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