Tech Alert: Yahoo Mail Users at Risk

Have you noticed an increase of spam in your inbox? Have you been the victim of email hijacking? You’re not alone, for months Yahoo Mail users have seen attacks on their email accounts. We wanted to alert our members so you can prepare.

The Next Web did a story detailing the problem:

“Attacks typically consist of Yahoo users receiving an email from a friend or colleague (and sometimes a completely unknown party) containing a link that if clicked on, results in the account being hijacked. Some say their hijacked accounts send emails to select individuals, others report they get sent to all their contacts, and one even noted that they went out to ‘anyone I had ever received and/or sent a message to.’

We asked the users who got in touch with us if they got such an email and clicked on the link. Reports were mixed: some said they got an email and clicked the link, some said they got the email but didn’t click, and others said they never got such an email.

Amongst those that did click on a link, however, there was at least one aspect that recently seems to corroborate: the attackers have apparently been referencing a non-existent MSNBC news report in the email.” To read the full story, click here.

Despite efforts by Yahoo, its users are still being affected. A spokesperson said, “We’re committed to protecting our users and their data. We strongly urge our users to change their passwords frequently and to use unique, alphanumeric passwords for each online site they visit.”

For more information, please see this story from Remember to use caution and your common sense when it comes to email.  Dangerous emails usually contain a link or include text with grammatical and typographical errors.