Broad View: May


By: Michael O. Ranney, MPA, Executive Director

We are excited about three important events that are coming up!

Our annual Legislative Day returns to the Statehouse Atrium again on May 22 for the third consecutive year. This is a great venue that is filled with activity and energy as legislators, aides, lobbyists and even sometimes the Governor pass through the Atrium on their way to do the work of government. Legislative Day is an amazing opportunity for OPA members to get a real taste of the legislative process and to meet some of the key players face to face.

In conjunction with Legislative Day, OPA’s Committee on Social Responsibility and Public Education Committee host a health fair, which helps to grab the attention of legislators and the many passers-by who walk through the Atrium. It is an opportunity for us to highlight the ways in which psychology works.

Those who register for Legislative Day will have an opportunity to participate in a webinar, which will be offered two times (May 10 at noon and May 20 at 7 p.m.). The webinar will include information about how to be an effective advocate and a briefing on the issues we will be talking to legislators about.

Our Legislative Day program includes Tracy Plouck, Director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Dr. Jon Honeck, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, Center for Community Solutions in Cleveland. Legislators and their aides will join us for lunch so there is time for informal exchange. We will present an award to a legislator who has been a strong voice in support of many of the issues we care about. After lunch there is an opportunity to view committee hearings, legislative session and meet with legislators and aides to discuss several issues.

Visit this link for details and registration information for Legislative Day.

I always enjoy the Legislative Day wrap-up at the end of the day. Advocacy is always so much less threatening to people after they have done it and met their legislators. The Atrium will be charged with electricity as OPA members talk about their experience and how much fun it was. This is a day to make a difference for psychology in Ohio.

Two years ago, OPA’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Subcommittee organized a Transgender workshop for our annual Convention. The program got rave reviews and attracted a great deal of interest. Participants said they wanted more.

Since last fall, the committee has been working on putting together a follow-up presentation. Transgender Perspectives: The Psychological, Medical, Legal, and Personal Implications of Transition is scheduled for June 21st at the Cleveland Crowne Plaza South. This is a six hour presentation that will give different perspectives and important insights into the complications faced by transgendered people.

The LGBT Committee has put together an expert panel of presenters to cover the medical, legal, psychological, family perspectives related to transitioning. You can read about this fabulous panel and register for this program here.

In 1994, OPA and The National Psychologist collaborated to present a workshop on the DSM-4 just after it was released. In 2013, we are back together again to offer a one-day workshop, DSM-5: A User’s Guide. This will be on June 28 at the Columbus Airport Marriott. Gary G. Gintner, PhD, LPC, a recognized trainer on the DSM, will be presenting this workshop. It has been great working with Marty Saeman to plan this important and useful program.

No doubt you have been hearing and reading about the controversy surrounding the DSM-5. It is a big change in how disorders are diagnosed. Dr. Gintner will present an overview of the manual’s new organization, innovations and the relationship between DSM-5 and the ICD. This workshop will focus on how to use the manual. It will cover the significant changes in the diagnostic criteria. During the presentation participants will have opportunities to practice making a diagnosis using the DSM-5.

If you haven’t registered for this program yet, you better do so soon. This is important and seating is limited. Visit this link to register.


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