Advocacy Alert: August

Bobbie_CBy: Bobbie Celeste, PhD, OPA Director of Professional Affairs

We are all wondering what’s going to happen to psychology under the Affordable Care Act. A special section from the New Jersey Psychologist is so in depth and thorough that I wanted to share it in its entirety. I recommend printing it out as it is quite long. It covers the new terms and four important aspects of the law: health insurance exchanges; accountable care organizations; patient-centered care; and integrated primary care. The final section is most helpful as it lists what psychologists can do to be prepared for the new health care delivery and payment systems.

This article was shared with permission from the New Jersey Psychological Association.  The original article appears in their publication, The New Jersey Psychologist, Volume 63, Number 2, Spring 2013.  Special thanks to Robert McGrath, PhD and Karen Postal, PhD.