Special Members Meeting

The Ohio Psychological Association Board of Directors has called a special meeting of the members of OPA for Friday, September 20 at 5 p.m. at the Westin Hotel, 310 S. High St., Columbus to elect the new OPA Board of Directors.

Under the Code of Regulations of the Ohio Psychological Association, the Board of Directors must be elected by the membership.

At 6 p.m., there will be a dinner to which OPA members are invited. Cost for the dinner is $35 and reservations must be made by September 12. Contact Joan Bowman at 614.224.0034 or email jbowman@ohpsych.org to reserve your spot.

The recommended slate of committee chairs for the 2013-2014 membership year is proposed as follows:

Standing Committee Chairs (Voting members of the Board)
o    Communication/Technology: Dr. Marc Dielman
o    Diversity: Dr. Wanda McEntyre
o    Education: Dr. Josh Shuman
o    Ethics: Dr. Bob Stinson
o    Insurance: Dr. Howard Bonem
o    Membership: Dr. Peg Mosher
o    Professional Practice: Dr. Courtney Zeune
o    Committee on Social Responsibility: Dr. Mary Miller Lewis
o    Public Sector Issues: Dr. Lynne Rustad
o    Science: Dr. Mike Dwyer

Regional Representatives (Voting Members of the Board)
•    Akron Area Professional Psychologists: Dr. Colin Christensen
•    Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychologists: Dr. Sarah Greenwell
•    Central Ohio Psychological Association: Dr. Margie Kukor
•    Cleveland Psychological Association: Dr. Cathy Gaw
•    Dayton Area Psychological Association: Dr. Rose Mary Shaw
•    Toledo Area Academy of Professional Psychologists: Dr. Mark Babula

Other Appointments (Non-Voting)
o    OP Editor: Dr. Audrey Ellenwood
o    Advocacy: Dr. Brad Potts
o    MCE Chair: Dr. Cathy Gaw
o    Personnel: Dr. Lynn Rapin
o    Polices & Procedures: Dr. David Hayes
o    Business of Practice: Dr. Robin Graff Reed
o    Colleague Assistance: Dr. Michael Schafer
o    Disaster Response Network: Dr. Margie Kukor
o    LGBT Subcommittee: Dr. Jim Brush
o    Public Education: Dr. Todd Finnerty
o    RxP Task Force: Dr. Jerry Strauss
o    BWC Task Force: Dr. David Schwartz
o    Oral History Project: Dr. Jim Broyles
o    Awards: Dr. Jim Broyles
o    PAC: Dr. Tom Swales
o    FAC: Dr. David Hayes
o    Ohio School Psychologists Liaison: Dr. Erich Merkle
o    OWP: Dr. Helen Rodebaugh and Christine Agaibi
o    Parliamentarian: Dr. David Hayes
o    Liaison to the Board of Psychology: Dr. David Hayes
o    Foundation Chair: Dr. Cathy McDaniels Wilson


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