Website Hint of the Month: August

Renewing Your OPA Membership

The OPA membership year runs from September 1-August 31, so the time has come to renew your OPA membership, if you have not already done so. Click here and follow the steps below to renew your membership today!

1. Look for the “Renew Your Membership” link in the Additional box and enter your license/member number* and PIN to log in (you may have your PIN emailed to you if you misplaced it).
2. Click the blue “OPA Membership Renewal” button on the left hand menu to begin the renewal process.

Most OPA memberships are valid through August 31, 2013. The exceptions are for those who are first time members within the last calendar year or those who pre-paid last year for 2013-14. Those who wish to align their membership dues and licensure renewal fees on alternating cycles may choose the “2-year renewal” option in 2013. Since license renewal fees are always due during even numbered years, you may wish to opt to pay your OPA membership in odd numbered years for two years at a time in order to space out these professional fees. Take note, the online renewal period opens annually on May 1 to give our members the option to pay their dues at a time that’s convenient for them.

Click here to see a list of services available exclusively to OPA members, and contact Director of Membership and Education, Joan Bowman, with any questions!

*Non-licensed individuals are assigned a 5 digit member number, which can be found on your OPA member card.


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