Hear What Others are Saying About the OPA Convention

Megaphone ConventionBecause the OPA Convention brings together psychologists, students, exhibitors, poster presenters and educators, it is a valuable experience from which everyone can benefit. Attendees come from all over the state to learn from our expert speakers, connect with others in the field, advance their understanding of psychology and to make new friends and connections.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what people are saying about the OPA Convention:

“The fall Convention has always been a rich combination of opportunities for me to re-connect with old friends, meet new colleagues, celebrate psychologists’ and graduate students’ accomplishments and acquire new knowledge from my peers and network. OPA does a wonderful job of including cutting edge workshops presented by professionals from APA , policymakers and professionals from other disciplines. I usually leave the last day of the Convention feeling invigorated and inspired.”
-Cathy Gaw, PsyD, Cleveland Clinic, OPA President 2010-2011

“This year’s OPA Convention is the cutting edge of where health care reform is going.”
-Jon Thomas, PhD, Summa Family Medicine Center

“I think the OPA Convention is an amazing place to meet fellow early career psychologists, as well as make great connections with the professional leaders in our state. It’s going to be another great Convention this year!”
-Josh Shuman, PsyD, Dayton VA Medical Center, Early Career Psychologist Committee Chair 2012-2013

“The OPA Convention has always been a place for me to expand my expertise, catch up on the latest trends in psychology law, insurance issues and healthcare regulations and connect with friends from across the state. My favorite experiences include seeing some of my earliest clinical supervisors each year and being to catch up on my career and family.”
-Kathy Ashton, PhD, Cleveland Clinic, OPA President

Visit this link to learn more about the Convention and to register.


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