President’s Message: December 2013

Task, Task, Task Force!

By: Kathleen Ashton, PhD, OPA President

AshtonThe following is the Merriam-Webster definition of “task force.”
: a group of people who deal with a specific problem
: a military force that is sent to a particular place to deal with a problem

Well, we’re definitely not a military force, but many OPA members work together effectively to deal with specific issues! APA and many state psychological associations use task forces to work quickly to address timely issues as an adjunct to their typical governance structure (i.e., in OPA, the Board and committees). Task forces help to bring together experts in an area to inform the OPA Board, committees and staff on particular issues. They are also a good way to achieve communication between multiple committees, constituencies and groups. OPA has developed several task forces in the last two years to address the immediate needs of the organization and members. These include the Strategic Plan Task Force, Bullying Task Force and Governance Structure Task Force. Three recent task force developments include the Consultation Workgroup, Marketing Task Force and Health Care Reform Task Force.

The Consultation Workgroup, currently headed by Dr. Nate Tomcik, is an initiative to develop a consultation service through OPA that will serve as a facilitator between consultants and groups seeking services. Ideally, this service will be beneficial to OPA members, OPA through shared revenue, and the public.

The Marketing Task Force will be headed by Dr. Jim Broyles. Marketing is a key part of the Strategic Plan, yet this group has been understaffed and under budgeted. Under our new contingency budget, an amount has been set aside to consult with a university business program to conduct a marketing assessment to help guide OPA. We hope to be able to use marketing to help increase visibility for psychology in Ohio and help OPA members increase referrals.

The Health Care Reform Task Force will be co-chaired by Drs. Patrick Palmieri and Gary Sipps. The charge of the task force will be to monitor ongoing health care reform changes and their effect on Ohio psychologists, communicate these changes to the general membership and OPA Board, and consider how OPA can positively influence health care reform changes for psychologists. We hope the task force will be able to help develop a toolkit for OPA members of valuable resources to help them navigate health care reform.

We value the expertise, time and energy of the task force chairs and members. They provide a critical service to OPA and its members.


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