Broad View: December 2013


By: Michael Ranney, MPA, OPA Executive Director

You keep asking us for more information about the DSM-5 and for programs on the ICD-10. And more is coming!

We have a great program scheduled for February 7, 2014, here in Columbus, featuring Dr. Carol Goodheart. Carol’s book on the ICD-10 is due out soon. This day-long workshop will present the information you need to use the ICD-10 code set. I understand that participants will even get to practice using the codes! Dr. Goodheart will also discuss the relationship between the ICD-10 and the DSM-5.

I got to know Dr. Goodheart when I was on the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice. She is a knowledgeable and professional leader in the field of psychology. I am so glad we have been able to persuade her to come to Ohio and I know you will be glad we did too.

I have been tracking what programming other state psychological associations are offering in this area. Several have had Dr. Goodheart present and the evaluations of this program are extremely high. Watch for registration details that will be sent out soon. You won’t want to miss this presentation. I expect it to sell out like the DSM-5 workshop. Get ready to register!

We will be looking for similar program opportunities as standalone workshops before the use of the ICD-10 becomes mandatory in October 2014. If you have heard about good presentations on these topics please let me know.

By now you have heard that OPA is transitioning to a change in the timing of our annual convention. When I started here we had both a fall and a spring convention. We moved to just one convention and went with the fall as a good time for it. Over the years we’ve looked at that decision and scratched our heads wondering just what we were thinking. Most psychological associations have their annual convention in the spring or summer. We have been a real outlier. Spring is a much better time for so many reasons. Our Education Committee decided last year to make the shift and move the annual convention to the spring. This is our transition year.

On April 24-25, 2014 we’ll have a mini-spring convention. There will not be a fall convention in 2014. We are currently accepting proposals. Our theme for this is “Evolving Health Care Structures: Psychology’s Place at the Table.” We plan to continue some of the dialogue that flowed through our recent fall convention. Be sure to get these dates on your schedule.

Several years ago OPA undertook to offer unique programming through “The Union of Psychology and Spirituality Retreat.” The driving force behind this was Dr. Rick Reckman. Since then, many others have provided leadership to keep this program going on an annual basis. I’ve discussed this program with my colleagues from other state psychological associations and as best I can tell OPA is the only one offering anything like it. It is truly unique and those who participate find the experience so meaningful. The committee that plans it is just finishing up the review of proposals submitted for this year. The Retreat will be February 28-March 1, 2014 at Mohican Lodge and Conference Center. The announcement of the schedule of programs and the opportunity to register will be coming soon.

OPA has been negotiating with the APA Insurance Trust to bring them back for a risk management program. We’ve had a great relationship with the Trust over the years and OPA members and Ohio psychologists who aren’t OPA members find these trust programs of great value. Aside from the important knowledge gained from these programs, the 15 percent premium reduction for completing the six hour course is another reason these workshops are attractive to clients of the Trust. The contract isn’t signed yet but we are hoping to have Dr. Eric Harris, J.D., in Columbus on June 20, 2014 to present the Trust’s newest version of its risk management series: Hot Topics in Ethics and Risk Management in Psychological Practice.

I should disclose that OPA endorses many of the Trust insurance products. They offer a wide variety of high quality products that we are pleased to recommend to Ohio psychologists. This year the Trust was the lead sponsor of our fall convention. We are grateful for their strong support. We value this partnership we have with the Trust and look forward to hosting them in June.

We know that ethics programs like this are important. Our Ethics Committee is working to record an ethics webinar that will create an accessible ethics learning experience. I’ve heard their plans and this will be an excellent program.

Just a brief change in the direction in this message before I end it…yesterday (11/20/13) the Senate Medicaid, Health & Human Services Committee, chaired by Senator Shannon Jones, met and HB83, which updates the Psychology Law, was on the agenda. We had hopes that it might pass out of committee but because of a technical amendment that was added to the bill the vote was postponed until their next meeting which should be December 4, 2013. We’ll keep you informed of the progress of this bill.


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