Advocacy Alert: February 2014

Bobbie_CBy: Bobbie Celeste, PhD, Director of Professional Affairs

Medicare Fees Announced for 2014

Here are Ohio’s Medicare fees for 2014 as announced by our MAC (Medicare Administrator) CGS. Medicare will pay 80 percent of these fees if you are a participating psychologist. If you are not “participating,” they will pay five percent less. The patient or their secondary insurance (e.g. Medicaid) is responsible for the 20 percent co-pay.

OPA Psychologist Testified Before Subcommittee on Opiate Addiction

The Opiate Addiction Treatment and Reform Subcommittee of the Ohio House Health and Aging Committee is hearing a dozen bills that aim to curb opiate deaths and addictions. A number of the bills include possible participation by psychologists. House Bill 332 looks at opiate prescribing in pain medicine programs. At my request, Dr. Gary Sipps of Summa Pain Medicine Center told legislators about psychology’s vital role in pain medicine assessment and treatment. Read full testimony here.

Behavior Health Leadership Group

Representing OPA, I attended the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Behavioral Health Leadership meeting on January 15. Director Tracy Plouck, Opiate Action Team Director Orman Hall and Medical Director Dr. Mark Hurst, all reported to the groups. OPA’s Dr. Greg Brigham reported to the group as the Chair of the ODMAS Prevention Roundtable. Check out this link for more about the group and initiatives from the department. 

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