Governance Structure Task Force Update

By: Kathleen Ashton, PhD, OPA President

AshtonOPA is undergoing its own examination of its governance structure. The OPA Governance Structure Task Force has been meeting since December 2012 to examine OPA governance structure, assess for effectiveness and propose changes if necessary.

The task force met regularly and has held discussions with the OPA Board of Directors about its progress. They have done extensive research that was presented to the OPA Board, who agreed with the proposal for at least some change. The task force agreed that even though the complex details of a new governance model would continue to develop, any new model should be structured based on agreed upon general principles. The OPA Board is currently working to finalize a group of agreed upon principles which may include the following: the board meeting more often, using technology to maximize inclusion of psychologists around the state, increasing communication and meaningful discussion, cultivating leadership at all stages, including early career, and/or a smaller board which shifts fiduciary responsibility from full board to smaller group (i.e., expanded Executive Committee).

Ongoing reports and data from the Governance Structure Task Force can be found here.


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