Broad View: July 2014

Michael_RBy: Michael Ranney, MPA, OPA Executive Director

It felt great to get a week off. I am sure the dogs are glad I’m back at the office. Following me everywhere was really tiring for them. At least I was there to be their “ThunderShirt” when some intense storms went through.

Dr. Lynn Rapin, who has worked with myself and our staff as OPA’s personnel consultant for many years, visited with us just a few days before I took off on my “staycation.” Dr. Rapin works with staff individually and collectively on internal communications, organizing work and work/life balance. She functions as an advocate for staff with the OPA Board. One area in which she has been coaching me is turning off email on evenings, weekends and during vacations. This recent “staycation” was a good opportunity for me to practice this email policy. It made my time away much less stressful and more relaxing. Thanks, Lynn!

Coming up on Saturday, July 19 (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) here at OPA’s office is the Leadership Forum. Cathy McDaniels Wilson started this event in 2007. OPA had been quietly coaching and grooming potential leaders prior to that. Cathy McDaniels Wilson made it more a part of the OPA culture and helped us reach outside of the current Board and committee members to bring in new people. Students became a bigger part of our leadership development focus.

Over the years we’ve had the director of a Columbus area leadership institute, the dean of a college of business, a choreographer/former dean of a college of arts, an APA State Advocacy leader and a White Castle Vice President. They have shared rich and varied ideas and approaches to leadership and engaged participants in meaningful dialogue about the qualities and characteristics of a leader. These presentations have usually been followed by a panel, discussing leadership from the perspective of work in the association and in the community.

This year our theme is “Leadership in a Time of Change.” We picked this as our general topic in recognition of the governance structure changes that APA is making, plans for OPA to make some structural changes, and in recognition of the changes that health care reform is bringing. If you are interested in participating in the Leadership Forum, please contact me.

I am beginning to hear from OPA members who are attending the APA Convention in August. If you are going please let me know and if you are presenting send me the details (date/time/topic). It is always nice to track what OPA members are doing.

On the election front:

  • Congratulations to Dr. David Hayes on his election to be OPA’s APA Council representative
  • Thanks to Dr. Suzanne LeSure and Dr. Colin Christensen for being candidates for APA Council
  • Congratulations to Dr. Cathy McDaniels Wilson on being elected President-elect of APA Division 31

A quick note about our Colleague Assistance Program (OPA-CAP), this is a subcommittee of the Ethics Committee whose members have been working to develop a Colleague Assistance Program for Ohio psychologists.  The mission of OPA-CAP is to provide Ohio psychologists with assistance in accessing services to restore professional functioning and to protect client welfare.  In the role of providing psychological care to others, psychologists may themselves become in need of assistance. The committee is building a network of providers who are being trained to offer treatment to our colleagues.  The committee also develops resources and educational programs on self-care.  If you are interested in joining this committee please contact me.


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