MCE Minute: August 2014

As the biennium nears the end (Aug. 31, 2014), the MCE office is busier than ever. Follow these tips for a speedy and smooth end of the biennium and renewal process.

  1. Make sure your name and license number are written on each certificate you send in.
  2. If you took NON-approved courses, wrote an article or book, taught a grad course, answer ALL questions on the Single Course Review form and attach everything that is requested and fill out this form ONLY for non-APA approved courses.
  3. Be patient, the fax line is very busy right now as is the MCE office and it can take up to two weeks for us to complete your data entry at this time in the biennium. Please don’t call to ask if we’ve received your fax, with minimal interruptions, we will be able to enter your certificates much quicker and assist you in maintaining your license.
  4. Send in certificates as soon as you earn them. Check your transcript at, click on MCE then View Your Transcript. Enter your license and pin and click GO. On the left, click on OPA MCE. Please do this instead of calling to ask if we’ve received your hours.
  5. When you’ve met your requirements, we will report your hours to the State Board.
  6. Finally, to register with OPA-MCE for the 9-1-2014 to 8-31-2016 biennium, go to On the right, it says View Your Transcript or Register with MCE. Enter your license number and pin and click GO. On the left, click on OPA MCE Registration. Proof read and change anything that is not up-to-date and click Submit. Follow the instructions on paying with Master Card or Visa to complete your 2014-2016 OPA-MCE registration.