Broad View: September 2014

Michael_RBy: Michael O. Ranney, MPA, OPA Executive Director

I attend quarterly meetings of the Medicare Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Committee. This last meeting included some very useful information that I want to share. CGS Education staff provided a handout that they have been using at their recent programs. It includes active links to various helpful tools on the CGS website. We have posted this handout on the OPA website.


It includes links to:

  • The claims tab to track the status of claims
  • The eligibility tab to verify a patient’s eligibility
  • The modifier finder tool to get assistance with CPT modifiers
  • There is a helpful section on the top reasons why claims are rejected or denied
  • It has the latest on PQRS. If you haven’t been following the PQRS discussion on listservs, newsletters or attending workshops presented on this topic, you need to take this seriously and check out this information. This is moving from a voluntary to a mandatory program that will impact your fees.
  • Phase III of the revalidation enrollment has begun. Information about his process is included in this material from CGS that is now posted on our website. A number of OPA members had difficulty with this process in earlier phases. If you are a Phase III enrollee and having problems please let us know.
  • It also includes some helpful links to pages on the CMS website.

So, take time to check out this handout.

At this provider outreach meeting we also took a look at the CGS website. They are interested in getting feedback on the enhancements they have made and additional information that we would like to see. Click here to view the Ohio Part B pages. They are particularly excited about the browse by specialty and browse by topic sections.

They have expanded their Online Education Section and shared that this section is evolving and further improvements are planned. The calendar shows scheduled webinars and small provider programs.

Would you have an interest in having a Medicare presentation as a standalone workshop or as part of our Convention next April? Email me if this would be helpful to you.

Send me your comments about the CGS website. What do you think of the improvements they have made? What information to you have trouble finding? Are you using ‘MyCGS”? What information or support tools seems to be missing?

We recently met with key staff at the Ohio Department of Health to give them information about the key role that neuropsychologists play in assessing whether a student athlete, who has had a concussion, can return to play. A recent law requires the department to establish a committee to review best practices relating to concussions. The committee will be appointed in mid-September. OPA will continue to provide consultation and expert testimony as this process moves forward.

We continue to work on gaining acceptance of Health and Behavior Codes by Medicaid. An ad hoc group has been established to work with Bobbie Celeste and me on this issue. We are reaching out to key players and providing information about the importance of these codes. If you’d like to work with us on this issue, send me an email.