OPA presents awards for deserving organizations and individuals each year at its annual Convention.

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards

OPA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards (PHWA) recognize organizations that make a commitment to programs and policies that enhance the quality of the work environment for its employees.

Individual Awards

Do you know a psychologist or psychology-ally that deserves special recognition? Each year OPA seeks award nominations for the following categories to be presented during a special ceremony during its Annual Convention.  All nominations remain confidential within the selection committee. Click an award below to read its description.

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Note: Awards may not be presented in each category every year. Some categories have been eliminated, consolidated or renamed over the years.

Award of Excellence

Given to an individual or organization for exceptional accomplishments benefiting the profession of psychology or the psychological and mental health of consumers or citizens. The award may be given to non-psychologists, such as citizen, government officials, etc.

Distinguished Psychologist Award

Recognizes an OPA member for a single outstanding contribution or longer-term series of accomplishments in the profession.

Distinguished Service Award

Honors members of the Association, or Association staff, who have provided distinguished service to the Ohio Psychological Association over an extended period of time. While ordinarily recipients of this award have provided more than a decade of dedicated service to OPA, at a minimum an aggregate of five years of such service on/to the Board of Directors is required for receipt of this award.

Lifetime Achievement by a Psychologist

Honors Ohio psychologists who advance psychology as a science and/or profession by a lifetime (25+ years) of outstanding contributions to the field.

OPA Committee/Affiliate of the Year Award

Recognizes significant accomplishments of an OPA Committee, Task Force, Special Interest Group or Affiliate for the previous membership year.

OPA Media Award

Given to members of the Ohio Psychological Association and/or members of the media in Ohio who have presented psychology and psychological issues to the public. OPA members qualify if they have: written newspaper articles, magazine articles or books; hosted, reported or produced radio or television shows; produced commercials about psychology or psychological issues; or, designed psychologically oriented websites. Entries are evaluated on: content; educational/informational value; quality; and, public impact.

Outstanding Psychology Trainee Award

Recognizes a graduate student, intern or unlicensed fellow for exceptional accomplishments or contributions to Ohio psychology or Ohio citizens.

Past President’s Plaque

Recognizes the service to the Association of the immediate Past-President as a token of appreciation, and is presented at the Awards Ceremony by the President.

President’s Award

Given by the president to recognize a particular board member or OPA member for exceptional commitment or helpfulness during the presidential year. The president alone selects this award recipient.

PSYOHIO Michael Sullivan Award

Given to an OPA member in recognition of a single or several long-term accomplishments or contributions to the field of psychology and/or the psychological health of individuals that address diversity and the unique needs of diverse individuals and populations.

Public Sector Psychologist of the Year

Given upon nomination by the OPA Public Sector Committee to an OPA psychologist who has made significant single or long-term contributions to the profession related to work in the public sector and/or on behalf of consumers and community mental health.

Small College Roundtable Award for Academic Innovation

Recognizes and promotes innovation in the classroom and/or curricular or co-curricular programming at small colleges. This recognition may be at the individual, departmental or college level.

Special Projects Award

Recognizes the work of an OPA member or staff for completing a particular task or accomplishment of a significant long-term activity related to OPA.

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