Requirements and Ethics Requirements

•  Psychologists must complete 23 hours of continuing education in a biennium, with 3 of those hours in professional conduct/ethics. Click here to see if you’ve met your ethics requirement yet.

•   Any of the following meet the criterion for approval of an ethics course by the OPA-MCE office that will fulfill the three (3) hours of ethics mandated for license renewal. {amended ORC 4732.141 (2)}

1. Risk Management Issues
2. Confidentiality
3. Ethics of Supervision
4. Boundaries
5. HIPAA Requirements
6. Dual Relationships
7. Professional Impairment
8. Financial Ethics
9. Limits and Expansion of Competencies
10. Representation of Training and Credentialing
11. Specific Ethical Principles Listed in the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct Manual
12. Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, Section 4732.17

•   Distance learning may be used to satisfy the 23-hour CE requirement. Because of the great difficulty in evaluating distance learning courses to see if they meet the standards set in Ohio, OPA-MCE will only accept distance learning courses that are approved by:

  1. Ohio Psychological Association (OPA)
  2. American Psychological Association (APA)
  3. Ohio School Psychologist Association (OSPA)
  4. Ohio State Board of Psychology (OSBP)
  5. National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
  6. Ohio State Board of Education (OSBE)
  7. Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)

•  Non-OPA members pay a fee of $50 per course for OPA members to review courses that have been taken from providers who are not accredited by one of the organizations empowered to do so in Ohio law.

•   For APA approved courses, send a copy of your certificate to the OPA-MCE Office via e-mail, via fax at 614-224-6702 or via mail to OPA-MCE, 395 E. Broad St. #310, Columbus, OH 43215. Make sure the  certificate lists your name, license number and number of hours earned.



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