Bill Box – State Legislation & Alerts

Updated 2/27/2013

Below are selected bills that OPA is following. For more information on these bills, contact Bobbie Celeste, Ph.D., director of professional affairs at (614) 224-0034. Full bills can be accessed via the General Assembly website.

Bill and Sponsor Bill Topic
Issues for Psychology OPA Position
Status of Bill
HB 59
Medicaid extended to 138% of poverty. Allows parents and singles to qualify for much needed health care insurance. Large influx of funds for mental health and substance abuse services for new individual. OPA heavily supported this. BECAME LAW! State Controlling Bd. voted to allow federal funds to come to Ohio.
Supreme Ct. agreed.
Executive order and part of budget bill.
Autism covered for the exchanges & state employees; behavioral analysts to be certified by Psychology Board. Access to treatment and accountability for ABA providers. OPA worked hard on this. BECAME LAW! Rules written. Effective 1.30.2014.
HB 83
Psychology practice-revise relevant law. Adds category for retired psychologists; multicultural CE added to ethics category; fee increases in 2016; limited subpoena power. OPA supported PASSED! Governor signed Dec. 19.
Rules not written yet.
Some changes don’t take effect until the 2016-2018 biennium.
SB 43
Burke- R Tavares-D

HB 104
Ruhl-R Stautberg-R

Court-ordered outpatient treatment
Adds outpatient treatment options in addition to current involuntary hospitalization. OPA supports Passed House Dec. Expected to pass the Senate in February.
HB 123
Wachmann-R Gonzales-R
Health Insurance-cover telehealth services in Medicaid and private insurers if desired Allows payment for providing telehealth by psychologists if provided in OPA supported
PASSED! January 2014
HB 130
Human Trafficking-punish perpetrators and buyers. Discouraging child abuse. OPA supports Passed House, in Senate Criminal Justice
HB 163
McGregor-R Antonio-D
Non-discrimination on basis of sex orientation employment. Prevent harm based on sexual orientation. OPA supports but bill is not moving. Com, Labor, Tech Comm.
HB 332
Opiod treatment of chronic pain-standards and procedures. Emphasize psychological screening and treatment. OPA supports, Dr. Gary Sipps testified to add psychologists. House Health and Aging Committee
HB 316
Medicaid-covered community behavioral health services. Provides access to psychological services. OPA supports House Health and Aging Committee
HB 378
Opioid addiction-treatment services/recovery housing projects. Physicians-no drugs for opioid dependence unless patient is also counseled. Promotes evidence based integrated treatment. Behavioral treatments required in addition to meds. OPA supports, Dr. Greg Brigham was brought in as an expert witness. House Health and Aging Committee.