OPAGS Campus Reps

The OPAGS Board appoints a campus representative at every graduate psychology program in the state. The duties of this position include making membership and program information available to students of their campus, developing a network of students on campus who are willing to participate in advocacy efforts and alerting the executive council to recent issues of concern to students.

The following is a list of all graduate psychology programs in Ohio and the current campus representative, if available. Interested in becoming a campus rep? Contact the OPAGS Chair to learn more.

University of Akron: Michael Aguilar

University of Dayton: Whitney Raglin

Bowling Green State University: Stacy Bradbury

University of Dayton: Scott Wagoner

The Ohio State University: Lyvia Chriki

University of Toledo: Andrea Kiss

Wright State University:  Shalagh Frantz

Xavier University: Daniel Mills






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