With over 1,600 clinician, academic, affiliate and student members, the Ohio Psychological Association (OPA) is nationally recognized as one of the preeminent state psychological associations. A well-established leader within the field, OPA works hard to ensure the science and professions of psychology remain vital, relevant and at the forefront in Ohio.

OPA is nationally recognized as one of the pre-eminent state psychological associations and is a well-established leader within the field. Membership will give you access to our collective experience, resources and services to better your practice or career in psychology. Read more about our specific services and join OPA below!

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Psychology FAQ (Click to Open)

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
Psychiatrists evaluate physical health and prescribe medication to treat a problem and psychologists identify the behavior or thought problems and provide psychological treatment, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, family interventions or training to sustain lifestyle changes (e.g. heart attack recovery).

What does a Psychologist do?

  • Evaluate and treat individuals who are suffering, whether from a serious mental illness(such as depression or panic attacks), a developmental disorder (such as autism), a serious physical disease (such as cancer)
  • Help people deal with life stresses
  • Help families as individual family members struggle with difficult questions, such as whether to undergo organ transplantation or what to do about end-of-life care
Psychologists are doctors of behavioral and mental health. Psychology is one of a number of fields offering education and training to provide mental health services, but psychology is one of only two professions that require doctoral level education and that prepares all of its graduates to practice independently. Psychologists are experts in diagnosing mental health problems and their causes, and they are skilled at developing action plans to address them.

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