The APA Public Education Campaign

“For a Healthy Mind and Body, Talk to a Psychologist”

OPA members are spreading the word: “For a Healthy Mind and Body, Talk to a Psychologist” as part of the American Psychological Association Public Education Campaign. Because sometimes, you may face overwhelming feelings or serious illness. A psychologist can help.

OPA members have participated in health fairs, spoke to reporters and given presentations all over the state about this important topic. Contact Kathleen Ashton for more information on a speaker for your organization.

APA’s Help Center provides informational articles on stress, dealing with difficult life events and more.

What is the APA Public Education Campaign?

The American Psychological Association launched its first public education campaign in 1996 to communicate the value of psychology to the public and provide them with information about when and how to seek help. It is based on a grassroots model with messages carried out by APA members at the local level and has proven to be an effective tool for increasing the visibility of psychologists in their communities.

Campaigns Objectives:

  • Encourage access to psychological services
  • Increase understanding of psychology as a behavioral science
  • Demonstrate the value of the psychology profession in a variety of settings, including research, clinical and organizational
  • Raise awareness of psychology as a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) discipline

The campaign messages cover a range of topics:

  • From illness…to prevention, wellness and health promotion
  • From traditional mental health care…to physical health care
  • From treatment of traditional depression and anxiety…to providing strategies for handling everyday stressors

Learn more about APA’s Public Education Campaign.

Request a Speaker

Interested in having a local psychologist present for your community or organization? Would you like to invite a Public Education Campaign representative to attend your health fair? The Ohio Psychological Association has psychologists interested in giving presentations for community forums and organizations. Past presentation topics have included coping with chronic illness, obesity as a stress-related illness, and stress and the mind-body connection. Please send your name, daytime phone number, e-mail address, the name of your organization and type of speaker/topic you are interested in to Kathleen Ashton.

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